The Education program developed from the Fraternity’s traditional emphasis on education academic achievement as an ingredient for success. During the 1945 Conclave in St. Louis, Missouri, the Fraternity engaged in a restructuring of its programming, leading to the birth of Education as an International program. The program focuses on providing a variety of services to alumni and collegiate members of the Fraternity, which in turn translates to services to local communities. In-house programs include providing scholarships, conferences, college fairs, mentoring and tutoring at local, regional and national levels.

Education Programs
Locke scholarship 

The essential gift of each teacher is the desire to watch their pupils master the lesson that is being taught. This desire was ingrained in the heart and mind of Brother Dr. Alain L. Locke, the Harlem Renaissance Man of black culture. While Dr. Locke achieved many great feats during his lifetime, he is acknowledged as being the first black American to receive a Rhodes Scholarship. The Rhodes Scholarship is a prestigious academic scholarship given to graduate students who chose to perform research in areas of unchartered territory. Because of Dr. Locke’s great academic rigor and stamina, he inspired many young blacks to achieve academic excellence. Phi Beta Sigma Sigma (PBSS) Chapter has named its scholarship awards in his honor. Also, he was a Distinguished Member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

The Locke Scholarship Awards were established in 2009 by Brothers Ado Ellzey and Dr. LaSella Hall to ensure PBSS Chapter, Atlanta, GA was a part of the education solution. PBSS Chapter is committed to helping students achieve academic excellence, by our commitment to honoring high achievers. The alumni chapter honors local graduating high school students in their pursuit of a quality education at an accredited college/university by helping defray some of the expense of obtaining a college education.

Locke Scholars have attended Howard University, University of Alabama, Scripps College, Georgetown University, and Tuskegee University just to name a few of the higher institutions chosen by these scholars.

As part of the educational initiatives for the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated, today’s exercise was just part of their ongoing commitment to improving the lives of future generations by aligning them with the necessary tools for success. The My Lunch Buddy Initiative, the brainchild of the chapter under the leadership of Bro. Larry Banks (Director of Education for the chapter), seeks to motivate students to learn, inspire, and lead via this mentoring endeavor. The program started today and will continue for the remainder of the year with members lunching with the 4th and 5th graders twice a month, for one hour, on Wednesdays to model desired behaviors and inspire future leaders by giving them immediate access to professional men who are about the business of the fraternity: being their brother’s keeper. Initially, the brothers will spearhead the efforts, but will span out and invite members of the students’ families to join them as needs are identified and the year progresses. The students were excited about seeing the brothers in the school’s cafeteria and engaged them in a variety of topics from education and sports to informal rants about their height, their hobbies and favorite tv programs.

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