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PBSS Chapter Monthly Meeting: 2nd Saturday | Location: Sigma-Zeta Foundation Bldg. 2526 Delowe Dr. East Point, GA 30344 | Time: 10am to noon

Welcome to the Phi Beta Sigma Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated.

Having been a member of our noble fraternity for 35 years plus, I can truly say that it has been both rewarding as well amazing to see how far we’ve come as a band of brothers! We have maintained our dignity and have continued to establish ourselves as one of the most progressive organizations whose central focus is that service. Service not only unto ourselves, but to the communities of the world. Knowing firsthand that this mammoth task requires the unwavering dedication of men, who unselfishly lend their talents to its upkeep and legacy, your seat at the table has been reserved!

It is with this same mindset that I approach you soliciting your support as we actualize The Power of (P)BSS: potential. As we continue to champion the international programs of Bigger and Better Business, Education, and Social Action, your skillsets and ideas are crucial to our success! We all play a vital role in the execution of these programs thus ensuring that the constituents within our communities are adequately equipped with essential resources for lives well lived. 

For those of you outside of the fold, we welcome you to our website. Please, take a moment and peruse the various links highlighting just some of our outstanding service projects and programs undergirded by our brothers. We delight in supporting our communities and citizens in various capacities: outreach, access, and insight. 

On the behalf of our International Board and our International President, Hon. Micheal E. Cristal, we say thanks for visiting. And, we look forward to serving your needs.

See you at the roundtable! 

Larry Banks, Ed. S.

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